Retained Heat Cooker Guide

The Guide to Designing Retained Heat Cookers was written by Don O'Neal, Vice President of HELPS International and Special Projects Director. The development of the HELPS International Retained Heat Cooker was funded by a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to further the mission of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, to improve health, livelihood, and quality of life by reducing exposure to air pollution, primarily among women and children, from household energy use. You can download an electronic copy in PDF format by clicking on the link below. If needed, you can download the current version of Adobe Acrobat reader free from Adobe's website.

You may order a free copy of the Guide to Designing Retained Heat Cookers, EPA-402-K-06-004, on-line at You may also order by fax at 513-489-8695. You will need to provide the publication name and number, your complete mailing address (i.e., name, organization, street address, city, state, zip code, country) and phone number.

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