Doctors with Africa Trustee Tanzania


We are an health NGO engaged in achieving MDG's 4,5 and 6 above all.
Maternal and children deaths are strictly related with indoor air pollution and we would like to improve our knowledges on spreding information at community level

Organization Type Non-Governmental Organization

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Mr. Edoardo Occa
Secondary Contact

Address P.O box 1473, Iringa
Iringa, Iringa region, United Republic of Tanzania
1473, Iringa
Calling/Fax Instructions

Our Focus

Primary Initiatives, Target Populations, and Scope of Work:

Actually we are engeged in two differents region strenghtening health system services working in partnership with local institutions in hospitals, health facilities and in very rural remote areas

Fuels/Technologies: Biomass
Sectors of Experience: Education
Rural Development
Countries of Operation: Angola

Our Experience And Interest In The Four PCIA Central Focus Areas

Social/Cultural barriers to using traditional fuels and stoves:

daily we face how traditional fuels and stoves could damage people. we work in very poor and low-technology-skilling areas.

Market development for improved cooking technologies:

at the present moment, there is a quite big possibility to improve market development for improved stoves in those areas in which we work

Technology standardization for cooking, heating and ventilation:

it's a new challenge for us, so we decide to cooperate with you so to improve our efficacy in our health projects

Indoor air pollution exposure and health monitoring:

we are specialised in data collection at heatlh facilities level, and we certainly know how indoor air pollution has a bad influence on people's health

Relevant Publications or Studies

None noted

Our Contribution to the Partnership

sharing results of our projects, datas, and 60 years of experience in health projects in lots of african countries