COP17 event - Assessing opportunities of CDM funding for small scale clean technologies

December 7, 2011

**This event has passed.

Is carbon finance an appropriate funding option for your small scale CDM project (e.g. improved coosktoves, biodigesters)? Discover a new tool designed to help project developers to assess the opportunity of carbon financing for their projects:

Breakfast meeting: Assessing opportunities of CDM funding for small scale clean technologies: presentation of a new tool for project developers. An event organized by GERES in partnership with Nexus.

- Wednesday, 7 December, 09:00-11:30
- Durban South Africa Climate Change Response Expo, Umnegeni room.

GERES, in partnership with Nexus-Carbon for Development and Global Environmental Institute, developed this tool to assess the pre-feasibility of small scale CDM projects. The tool gives support to project developers to evaluate if their project activity is eligible and feasible under three approved methodologies (CDM AMS II.G and AMS I.I; and the Gold Standard TPDDTEC). More information:

Marina Gavaldão, Technical Director GERES,,
Marion Santini, Communication Manager Nexus,