Financing Clean Energy for Rural Populations - COP17 event by Nexus-Carbon for Development

December 7, 2011

**This event has passed.

This event is co-organized by Nexus-Carbon for Development and Yale University on 7 Dec, from 20:15-21:45, at Durban Exhibition Centre, Indwe River room.

Event facilitated by Jiwan Acharya, Climate Change Specialist at the Asian Development Bank. Speakers will include: Dr. Priya Karve, Chairman, Nexus, Jasmine Hyman, PhD student at Yale University and François-Xavier Duporge, Secretary General, French Global Environment Facility.

Extract: The Clean Development Mechanism has shown limits to the extent of which it can support clean rural energy projects. As new finance mechanisms are emerging, it is crucial to look at how CDM has performed, and draw recommendations for future climate funding. What are the successes and failures of climate finance and carbon finance? How can we match donors’ requirements, investors’ expectations and pro‐poor low carbon projects needs?

For more information about this event and about Nexus activities during COP17, please visit our website:

You can get in touch with us in Durban by contacting Marion Santini, or by visiting our exhibit at Durban Exhibition Centre.