Hilful Fuzul Samaj Kallyan Sangstha


Emancipation of the poor people from the curse of poverty is the main mission of HilfulFuzul through providing technical and financial support enabling the poor to involve themselves in various programs for their sustainable development.
Hilful Fuzul has been implementing a project for energy efficiency entitled ‘Dissemination of improved cook stoves’ by the support of GTZ which installed 15850 domestic and institutional Improved Cook Stoves (ICSs) for efficient use of biomass fuel to reduce indoor air pollution which is the source of health hazard particularly to the poor and vulnerable women and children. Use of ICS also cut down the use of Biomass fuel to more than half and reduce pressure on the forest and environment.

Up to December 2008 the organization has installed 15850 domestic and institutional ICS in its working areas. The activity is going on.
The other on going renewable energy projects are Dissemination of Biogas technology (under GTZ support) & Solar Electrification (under the support of Infrastructure Development Company Limited, an organization of Finance Ministry of Gov. of Bangladesh)

Organization Type Non-Governmental Organization

Contact Information

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Dr. Rafiqul Islam
Secondary Contact
Mr. Abu Hanif Chowdury

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Our Focus

Primary Initiatives, Target Populations, and Scope of Work:

The ongoing initiates are Dissemination of Improved Cook Stoves, Dissemination of Biogas Technology and Solar Electrification. Hilful Fuzul has reached to about 5000 households through this initiatives. At lest 30% of the beneficiaries of these renewable energy projects are poor. Improved cook stoves, biogas plant and solar instruments are provided to beneficiaries on credit with a subsidy from donors. The beneficiaries are well motivated and the rate of repayment is almost 100 %. The renewable energy projects are implemented generally in rural areas where greed electricity and gas supply is absent. The intervention area of Hilful Fuzul is limited with in Bangladesh.

Other ongoing projects of Hilful Fuzul are arsenic mitigation, disaster mitigation, social development for erosion-affected poor, microenterprise development, Micro-Finance &Technical Support, Rural Piped Water Supply, Housing . Under this projects Hilful Fuzul has been serving to about 20 thousand beneficiaries among which 60% live under poverty line.

Fuels/Technologies: Biogas
Sectors of Experience: Agriculture
Renewable Energy
Rural Development
Countries of Operation: United States

Our Experience And Interest In The Four PCIA Central Focus Areas

Social/Cultural barriers to using traditional fuels and stoves:

Hilful Fuzul addresses the barriers by proving motivation & better service

Market development for improved cooking technologies:

Hilful Fuzul addresses the barriers by proving motivation & better service

When the customers expresses satisfaction after using ICS the adjacent people become motivated to install ICS. So we are sincere in post installation maintenance, supervision and services for market development. At the same time we provide awareness on the disadvantages of the traditional stoves.

Technology standardization for cooking, heating and ventilation:

In case of multiple pot cook stoves the sizes of cavity or opening are tuned in such way that multiple sizes of pots can be adjusted. Yet a plain tin sheet of smaller opening is used to fit a smaller size poton the stove.

Indoor air pollution exposure and health monitoring:

When a customer cooks on a single opening of a multiple pot ICS, air rush in through the interconnection tunnel from other cavity of the same ICS and as a result smoke come out and indoor air is polluted as usual . In that case a roll of earth or timber coiled with old cloth are used in the tunnel to prevent rush of air and smoke.

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Our Contribution to the Partnership

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