$2 Million Joint Donation to Proyecto Mirador for Stoves in Honduras

Proyecto Mirador, LLC, a fuel-efficient stove project in rural Honduras that has been
registered by the Gold Standard, is pleased to announce that The Grantham Foundation
for the Protection of the Environment, Boston, Massachusetts, and Overlook International
Foundation, San Francisco, California, have provided matching US$ 1.0 million
donations to expand Proyecto Mirador’s operations.

The donations will support the construction of over 100,000 La Justa Dos por Tres stoves
over the coming ten years, reduce carbon emissions in excess of 150,000 tons, reduce
toxic smoke inside 100,000 homes, and provide the Honduran families with tangible
economic benefits from a reduction in the consumption of increasingly scarce fuel wood
resources. Proyecto Mirador (PM) hopes its stove project can serve as a model for other
groups around Central America where the damage from deforestation and indoor air
pollution is accelerating each year.

For more information please see the attached press release.

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