Share Your 2011 Results with PCIA and the Alliance

Share your results with a global community of practice! Submit your 2011 Results Report now.

We know that each of you is making significant strides in reducing the health, social, economic and environmental impacts of cooking with solid fuels in the communities that you serve. Please take a few moments today to share your powerful programmatic results with your colleagues by completing a 2011 Results Report.

All partner organizations are encouraged to submit a results report, regardless of whether or not you manufactured and/or sold stoves in 2011. We want to include results from all of our Partners to demonstrate the wide variety of your contributions and the tremendous progress your work is making to advance clean cooking technologies and fuels for millions of people.

In 2010, Partners reported selling 2.5 million clean and efficient stoves, improving the lives of 17 million people. We know that 2011 was an even more successful year. Help us to showcase the collective power of our work and demonstrate our worldwide impact.

For more information and to submit your results visit: Have a question? Email us at

Reporting Deadline is April 15, 2012!

Why Submit a Results Report?

  • Results will be used to inform Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) and Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove (Alliance) plans, activities and allocation of resources.
  • Organizations will be highlighted in Partnership and Alliance regional meetings and events, such as International Women’s Day.
  • Early responders will be entered into drawings for airfare scholarships to upcoming Partnership and Alliance events.
  • Results of select organizations will be featured in Alliance media events, awareness campaigns and promotional videos.
  • Results will be published in a PCIA Bulletin and featured in webinars and on the website.
  • Early responders will be considered for free stove performance testing at the EPA laboratory.