Household Energy, Indoor Air Pollution and Health Country Overviews

Winrock International has compiled household energy, indoor air pollution and health overviews of China, India, South Africa and Guatemala, under a cooperative agreement with USEPA. The Nepal and Philippines overviews were funded by the USAID. These overviews are intended to be a resource for donors and implementers working on household energy and health programs in these countries. The reports present information on significant household energy programs, health sector priorities and programs, key actors in energy and health, and experiences and lessons learned relevant to moving toward more integrated approaches to reducing indoor air pollution and associated health impacts of unhealthy cooking and heating practices.

Drawing largely on existing literature and insights from in-country partners, the reports have been co-authored by household energy and health specialists experienced with each country. The authors aimed to compile the most salient information available to help frame the context for possible synergies between the energy and health sectors; at the same time, the authors recognize the greater complexity of the household energy and health arena, including the importance of programs and actors from other sectors (environment, education and rural development, among others). Although the reports are not comprehensive in this sense, it is hoped that as partners of PCIA, you will find the compiled information useful for your own work.

The reports are available in PDF format. You can download the current version of Adobe Acrobat reader from Adobe's website. We welcome feedback and in particular will appreciate knowing what aspects of these reports you find most useful and why. Please send us your comments!

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