PCIA Awards 2009

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Awards Program recognizes organizations committed to improving health, livelihood and quality of life, particularly for women and children, by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution from household energy use. This year, through a competitive process wherein Partners could nominate themselves or others, PCIA presented Global PCIA Leadership Awards and Special Achievement Awards in recognition of seven outstanding programs. In addition, PCIA Forum 2009 participants nominated two individuals for Net Forward Energy awards, and the Partnership bestowed its first ever Lifetime Achievement Award.


For vision, initiative, and achievement

The Global PCIA Leadership Award recognizes programs which have achieved noteworthy results and incorporated the four priority areas proven to be essential elements of sustainable household energy and health programs: Meeting Social and Behavioral Needs; Developing Local Markets; Improving Technology Design and Performance; and Monitoring Impacts of Interventions. Winners of the prestigious Global PCIA Leadership Award serve as models for other programs striving to increase the use of clean, efficient, affordable, reliable and safe home cooking and heating practices throughout the world.

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Congratulations to the 2009 winners:
HELPS International; GTZ – Ministry of Energy, Uganda; and Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, Pakistan!


The Special Achievement Awards acknowledge commitment and accomplishment in one or more of the four essential elements of highly effective and sustainable household energy and health programs.

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Congratulations to Dean Still and Iwan Baskoro as the 2009 Global Net Forward Energy Award Winners for consistently moving the discussions forward to seek opportunities and solutions for meeting the global challenge of providing cleaner, more efficient and safer cooking and heating technologies and fuels to improve the lives of millions of families around the world.

Dean and Iwan’s plaques read: In appreciation and recognition of your energy, optimism, and enthusiasm.

Click here to read an interview with Dean.


The first ever PCIA Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Dr. Larry Winiarski in recognition of his lifelong commitment to developing and promoting clean and efficient cooking technologies worldwide. Click here to learn more and view a video of Larry and his work during the award presentation.


PCIA recognized all award recipients at the 4th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Kampala, Uganda on March 23-28, 2009. Travel scholarships were given to one representative from each award-winning organization to participate in the 2009 PCIA Forum. Award winners also received a plaque or engraved crystal award, recognition on the PCIA website and in PCIA Bulletin #19.