PCIA Awards 2011

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Awards Program recognizes organizations committed to improving health, livelihood and quality of life, particularly for women and children, by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution from household energy use. This year, through a competitive process wherein Partners could nominate themselves or others, PCIA presented Global PCIA Leadership Awards and Special Achievement Awards in recognition of fourteen outstanding programs. In addition, Net Forward Energy Awards were given to two groups and the Partnership awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards to two inspirational leaders in the field of improved cookstoves. Continue to read for information about each of the award winners.


For vision, initiative, and achievement

The Global PCIA Leadership Award recognizes programs which have achieved noteworthy results and incorporated the four priority areas proven to be essential elements of sustainable household energy and health programs: Meeting Social and Behavioral Needs; Developing Local Markets; Improving Technology Design and Performance; and Monitoring Impacts of Interventions. Winners of the prestigious Global PCIA Leadership Award serve as models for other programs striving to increase the use of clean, efficient, affordable, reliable and safe home cooking and heating practices throughout the world.

Click Here to view the 2011 Global Leadership Awards Program

Click on the links below to learn more about the award winners.

  • Uganda Stove Manufacturers Ltd (Ugastove)
  • Uganda Stove Manufacturers Ltd (Ugastove), which developed out of a small family stove making business in 2000, is committed to reducing the strain on Uganda’s natural resources through manufacturing improved cookstove technologies. Read More

  • Impact Carbon
  • Impact Carbon began as a research center within the University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health and has grown into an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health and the environment through clean energy products that reduce carbon emissions. Read More

  • International Lifeline Fund
  • From the outset, the goal of the International Lifeline Fund (ILF), a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, was to promote self-sustaining interventions that would significantly relieve suffering in the poorest regions of the world. In an effort to address both the environmental and humanitarian problems associated with open fire cooking, ILF began promoting the use of an insulated clay stove in 2006. Read More

  • GERES Cambodia
  • Established in France in 1976, Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environment et Solidarités (GERES) is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development worldwide. In Cambodia, where more than 80 percent of households rely on biomass as the main source of energy for cooking, GERES has focused its efforts specifically on a large-scale biomass-based energy program designed to promote energy efficiency, reduce indoor air pollution and mitigate climate change. Read More

Congratulations to the 2011 winners:

Ugastove, Impact Carbon, International Lifeline Fund, and GERES!


The Special Achievement Awards acknowledge commitment and accomplishment in one or more of the four essential elements of highly effective and sustainable household energy and health programs.

Click on the links below to learn more about the award winners.

Meeting Social and Behavioral Needs

  • Earth Institute - Millennium Development Village Project
  • The Earth Institute’s Millennium Villages Project supports integrated social and business development services for more than 500,000 people in rural communities across 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Read More

  • Microsol
  • Microsol is a social enterprise whose objective is to support social and environmental development projects and programs with carbon revenues. Read More

  • Proyecto Mirador
  • Proyecto Mirador is a fuel-efficient stove project that will use carbon finance to provide a market based solution to build stoves in rural Honduras that household economics. Read More

Developing Local Markets

  • Winrock Nepal
  • Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. Read More

  • StoveTeam International
  • StoveTeam International provides economical, environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient Ecocina stoves to Central America and the world. Read More

  • Toyola Energy Limited
  • Toyola Energy Limited is a social entrepreneurial business that produces and sells energy efficient cook stoves and solar energy products to poor households in urban and rural areas of Ghana and Togo using a decentralized production and mobile marketing approach. Read More

  • Envirofit International
  • Envirofit International works to reduce indoor air pollution and reduce biomass energy consumption. Read More

Improving Technology Design and Performance

  • Paradigm Project
  • The Paradigm Project is a low-profit limited liability company (L3C) whose mission is to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value within developing world communities. Read More

  • GIZ - PSDA
  • GIZ aims at enhancing the capacities of people, organizations and institutional structures in partner countries to enable them to improve their living conditions through their own efforts. Read More

Monitoring Impacts of Interventions

  • Instituto Perene
  • Instituto Perene promotes projects that benefit rural communities while helping conserve the natural resources of the Atlantic Forest biome of Brazil. Read More

  • Alternative Energy Promotion Centre
  • AEPC/ESAP’s Biomass Energy program has a comprehensive approach toward overall biomass energy development geared to help in achieving its long-term objectives of socio-economic, gender, health, drudgery and poverty reduction, and empowerment of rural people. Read More


At each Forum, PCIA recognizes a person or group of people who show a high level of energy, optimism and enthusiasm throughout the conference, and who will carry that spirit forward as they work to meet the challenges of providing clean, safe and efficient cooking solutions worldwide. This year, PCIA was pleased to give the award to two groups who embodied this spirit: The Medical team from the University of Cayetano and Bus Number 7.

Their plaques read: In appreciation and recognition of your energy, optimism, and enthusiasm.

Click here to learn more about these two groups.


At the 2011 Forum PCIA presented the second and third Lifetime Achievement Awards. The joint recipients were recognized for their significant contributions to the development of top-lit updraft gaisfier stove technology.

The 2011 PCIA Lifetime Achievement Awards were given to Dr. Thomas Reed and Paal Wendelbo for their commitment to improving health, livelihood, and quality of life, particularly of women and children, by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution from household energy use. Click here to learn more and view a video of Tom and Paal's work.


PCIA recognized all award recipients at the 5th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Lima, Peru on February 21-25, 2011. Global Leadership Awards were presented by First Lady of Peru, Pilar Nores De García at the Global Leadership Awards Dinner. Travel scholarships were given to one representative from each award-winning organization to participate in the 2011 PCIA Forum. Award winners also received a plaque or engraved crystal award, recognition on the PCIA website and in PCIA Bulletin #27.

Attached is the Program from the 2011 PCIA Global Leadership Awards Dinner.

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