Webinar: Test Results of Cook Stove Performance

On January 12, 2012, PCIA hosted a webinar discussing the new PCIA publication “Test Results of Cook Stove Performance” documenting the performance of 18 widely disseminated stove models with leading cook stove researchers, Nordica MacCarty and Dean Still of Aprovecho Research Center.

During this webinar, Nordica MacCarty and Dean Still gave an overview of the laboratory test methods and shared the test results of 18 household cook stoves and fuels, including wood-burning stoves with and without chimneys, wood-burning stoves with electric fans, charcoal stoves, liquid-fuel stoves and a solar cooker. The testing evaluated fuel economy, emissions, safety and cost.

The purpose of this webinar was to:
• Understand the goals for implementing a laboratory study of stove performance;
• Discover the most surprising findings and the biggest challenges;
• Gain insights on the impact of stove design on stove performance to apply to your own stove program;
• Learn how to use standard test methods; and
• Interact with Nordica and Dean through instant polling and Q&A.

You can view the full recording of the event. Slides from the webinar and Questions and Answers are available in pdf format below. For more information on Aprovecho Research Center, please see their PCIA Partner Profile at ../..//aprovecho.

The Test Results of Cook Stove Performance document will be available for a short time to view HERE and thereafter, copies can be requested by emailing moderator@pciaonline.org.

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