PCIA Bulletin

PCIA Bulletin

Please note, the PCIA website is now a legacy site. The resources that were produced over the past 10 years of the Partnership are still accessible on this website. However, the content is no longer being updated as of June 1, 2012.

This quarterly newsletter provides updates on the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and its Partners around the world, and facilitates awareness about issues related to indoor air pollution, household energy and health. The Bulletin is published in PDF format. If needed, you can download the current version of Adobe Acrobat reader free from Adobe's website.

PCIA Bulletin Issue 30 - Regional Cookstove Testing Centers

This milestone 30th issue focuses on Regional Cookstove Testing Centers in North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Ten PCIA Partners who run these testing centers share their thousands of hours of testing expertise, including details about their lab, types of stoves tested, protocols used, lessons learned and what they have planned for 2012! Throughout this issue you’ll also find links to testing resources available on the PCIA website and exciting new field testing opportunities for PCIA Partners.

Feature Articles - Regional Stove Testing Centers
    Aprovecho Research Center
    Colorado State University
    GERES Cambodia
    China Agricultural University
    GIZ Bolivia
    Zamorano University
Spotlight on Durability Testing
USEPA 3rd Round of Stove Testing
Global Alliance Commitment to Testing
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Fact box on Stove Testing Statistics
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PCIA Bulletin - Special Edition, LA/C Regional Study Tour

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) recently sponsored an exciting new technical capacity-building initiative for 18 Partner organizations, based in 9 countries, serving Latin America and the Caribbean. During a 3-day study tour in Guatemala, February 6 - 8, 2012, these organizations experienced firsthand how HELPS International has developed successful manufacturing, distribution and marketing approaches to scale up their improved cook stove program. This special edition Bulletin provides highlights from the three days of factory and community visits, and in-depth discussions that took place.

About HELPS International
About the Tour
  Day 1 -- Quality Manufacturing and Production
  Day 2 -- Program Operations (Stove Testing & Awareness Raising and Marketing)
  Day 3 -- User Training and Maintenance
Key Study Tour Insights

Click here to download a copy of this special edition PCIA Bulletin

PCIA Bulletin - 2010 Results Reporting Supplement

Each year we ask all PCIA Partners to submit results reports highlighting their activities throughout the previous year. This includes information about the countries in which Partners operate, their stove testing activities, the number and types of stoves sold, training and outreach efforts, financing options utilized to increase affordability to consumers, goals for the coming year and more. This special edition of the PCIA Bulletin highlights the results of PCIA Partners in 2010.

Introduction: The 2010 Results Story
    2010 Partner Results Highlights
    PCIA Experiences Phenomenal Growth
    Stove Testing Continues to Rise
    Importance of Stove Testing for Increased Sales
    Stove Standards as a Driving Force for Sales
    Innovative Approaches to Overcoming Barriers
    Multidimensional Outreach Increases Community Awareness and Improved Stove Acceptance
    Expanded Focus on End User Financing Options
    PCIA Partners Who Provide Services Other than Manufacturing/Selling Stoves
2011 Results Reporting
PCIA and Global Alliance Integration Update
Looking Towards the Future
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 29 - Charcoal and Briquettes

Our 29th issue focuses on the fuel side of the improved stoves equation, with an in depth discussion of charcoal and briquettes. It provides examples of the use of briquettes as a sustainable alternative to charcoal in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and provides insight into the future of charcoal stoves with inputs from leading stove testers and developers. Bulletin 29 also looks at the issue of sustainable charcoal production, and new research and development towards more efficient production methods and sustainable charcoal initiatives. We’d like to thank PCIA Partner Jean Kim Chaix, Director of The Charcoal Project, who served as our guest editor for this edition and provided support and guidance on Bulletin 29’s overall content.

Feature Articles
    Overview: Briquettes Compared to Traditional Fuels
    Partner Experience with Briquettes in:
      Africa (Kenya & Tanzania)
      Asia (Cambodia and Nepal)
      Latin America (Haiti)
Partner Spotlight The Charcoal Project
Conversations with Charcoal Stove Testers & Developers
    US Environmental Protection Agency
    Aprovecho Research Center
    Prakti Design Lab
Sustainable Charcoal Production and R&D
    Improving Traditional Charcoal Production
    Charcoal Production and Livelihoods in India
    Modernizing Production with Cogeneration
    Update on R&D from Colorado State University
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Charcoal Fact Box
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 28 - Biogas

This 28th issue of the PCIA Bulletin focuses on biogas, a fuel that is now widely promoted and used to decrease fuel wood use and improve indoor air quality for families around the world. In this Bulletin you’ll hear from programs with decades of experience promoting biogas stoves and fuel in Africa, Asia and Latin America at the household, community, national and regional levels. This Bulletin gives an overview of biogas basics and its added benefits, and provides strategies for partnership-building, education/training, and innovative solutions to financing.

Feature Articles:
Household Level Biogas
     - Biodigesters in Southwest China 
     - Mexico Biogas Program
Biogas for Institutional Users
     - Biogas for Ugandan Orphanage 
     - Commercial Plants in Pakistan Dairy Farms
National and Regional Approaches
     - Domestic Biogas Programs in Africa & Asia 
     - RedBioLAC in Latin America 
     - Energy for All Biogas Working Group in Asia
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Biogas Fact Box
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 27 - 2011 PCIA Forum

This issue of the PCIA Bulletin covers all the events of the 2011 PCIA Forum held in Lima, Peru February 21-26, 2011. With more than 350 participants from 40 countries, this was our largest Forum to date. The Forum lasted six full days, including a kickoff event showcasing the engagement of the highest levels of the Peruvian government, 65 outstanding presenters, more than 80 informative posters, 31 participant-led open space sessions and a half of day of stove testing.

Below you will also find our special 2011 PCIA Awards Supplement, where you can read interviews with this year's winners. We again offer congratulations to the recipients of the 2011 Global Leadership and Special Achievement Awards.

Monday: Peruvian National Cookstove Day
    - Opening Welcome
    - Exciting New Developments & New Evidence for Action
    - Powerful Results of National Cookstove Programs
    - Responding to Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti
    - Meeting Community Needs
    - Poster Session
    - Exploring Clean Cooking Solutions: LPG, Solar and Biogas
    - Knowing How Your Stove Performs: WBT, CCT and KPT Basics
    - Concurrent Stove Performance Demonstrations
    - Advances in Stove Performance & Fuel Preparation
    - Open Space
Thursday: Field Trips
    - Manufacturing Approaches to Enhance Stove Performance
    - Institutional Stoves
    - Important Aspects of Commercialization
    - Global Action Planning
    - Development of Stove Performance Standards
    - Using Research to Develop Compelling Health Messages
    - Monitoring & Evaluating the Impact or Your Interventions
    - Sharing 2010 Results
    - Understanding the Carbon Market
    - Regional Sessions
    - 2011 Forum Wrap-up
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 26 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

This issue focuses on the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a clean, transportable cooking fuel alternative. PCIA Partners from Latin America, Africa and Asia have successfully implemented programs encouraging LPG use, even in remote communities where other types of clean fuel are not readily accessible. In Bulletin 26 these organizations share their project implementation experiences and discuss cultural adoption sensitivities, as well as affordability obstacles, they encountered during the process.

The issue also includes worldwide LPG demand predictions, an overview of the LPG distribution chain, safety issues and regulations, an extensive list of LPG resources and much more. Check out this issue of the Bulletin to determine if LPG would be a good fit for the communities in which you work.

Project NINA
LPG: a Prospective Solution for Poverty and Deforestation in Haiti
Rural LPG in Colombia: an Alternative Fuel with Multiple Benefits
LPG: Safety Issues and Responsibilities
Social Engineering Through Energy Conversion
Chart: LPG Supply by Million Tonnes
Chart: Relative Pollutant Levels
Seeking Clear Objectives with Liquefied Petroleum Gas in South Africa
LPG: an Alternative Domestic Cooking Energy in Uganda
Additional LPG Resources
LPG Distribution Chain
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 25 - 5th Biennial PCIA Forum

This issue (in English and Spanish) is dedicated to the upcoming 5th Biennial PCIA Forum, to be held in Lima, Peru from February 21 - 26, 2011. Some 262 Partners from 35 countries gathered for the 4th Biennial Forum (2009) in Kampala, Uganda and we expect an even larger turnout for the 2011 event! You don't want to miss out on this extraordinary networking and learning opportunity. There are two versions, one print and one web.

2011 PCIA Forum Overview
What is the Forum?
Peru’s National Stove Campaign
Who comes to the Forum?
What happens at the Forum?
What will I get out of the Forum?
What can I contribute to the Forum?
Logistics Highlights
Frequently Asked Questions
Spotlight on the PCIA Awards Program
Upcoming Events
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PCIA_Bulletin_Issue_25_web.pdf2.18 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 24 - 2009 Partner Results

This issue focuses on the collective results of Partners' efforts in 2009, recorded through their annual results reports. So far 54 Partners working in 61 countries have submitted reports on their 2009 activities. This issue highlights their progress manufacturing, selling, and testing stoves, accessing carbon finance, scaling operations, and much more.

Feature Articles
   -StoveTec at Scale
   -SNV's National Biogas Programmes
   -SCA Promoting Integrated Cooking
   -TWP Supporting Haiti Relief
   -Aprovecho: Stove Design & Testing
   -Berkeley Air: Science Based M&E
Partner Profile Update Campaign
   -KPT Training Update
   -Conducting the WBT and CCT
   -EPA's Second Round of Stove Testing
   -A New Global Alliance
   -Stove Camp 2010
Map: Countries of Implementation
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-24.pdf1.37 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 23 - Carbon Finance

This issue focuses on carbon finance and its potential to help grow and support sustainable household energy programs. Look inside for detailed information on carbon project implementers and developers, tools and resources, and advocacy and capacity building efforts to increase the number of registered cook stove projects in the CDM, Gold Standard and voluntary carbon markets. Feature articles from Partners engaged in all aspects of cookstove carbon finance are included.


  • Page 19 of the first published version of this issue incorrectly stated that SADC stands for "South African Development Community". It has been corrected to read "Southern African Development Community" in the version attached below.
  • Page 15 of the first published version omitted the last line of the article "Carbon Finance: A Paradigm Shift for Improved Stoves". This is corrected in the version attached below.
Feature Articles
   -Carbon Finance Introduction
   -Experiences of Carbon Finance Implementers and Developers
   -Carbon Finance Tools
   -Carbon Finance Resources and Trainings
   -Carbon Finance Policy Considerations and Implications
Profiles of Project Developers
Notes from the Field
   -Clean Burning, Fuel-Efficient Stoves in Rural Honduras
   -Nexus Alliance
   -HELPS Programmatic CDM
   -Recent Partner Activity
   -Upcoming Events and Announcements
Fact Box: Cookstove Carbon Finance Projects
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 22 - Solar Cooking

This issue provides an overview of the history and current status of solar cooking, highlights successful projects worldwide, and includes an informed discussion of myths and facts about cooking with the sun. Recipes and solar cooking tips are incorporated throughout. PCIA Partners enthusiastically led the development of this issue, with significant contributions from Patricia McArdle, President of the Board of Directors for Solar Household Energy (SHE), and Darwin Curtis, Chairman of SHE.

Feature Articles
   -The History of Solar Cooking
   -Opening the World's Eyes and Ears to Integrated Solar Cooking
   -Options & Challenges Using Solar Cookers
   -Safe Water from Sunshine
   -Solar Commercialization
   -Solar Cooking Archive Wiki
Country Spotlights
   -Sustainable Rural Kitchen in Mexico
   -ISC and Water Pasteurization in Uganda
   -Mfuwe Solar Cooker Project
   -Solar Cooking in Madegascar
   -Darfur Refugees Cooking with the Sun
   -Solar Cookers in China
   -Solar Cooking in Afghanistan 
Notes From the Field
   -Solar Cooking in Nepal
   -Conclusions from Bolivia
   -Recent Partner Activity
   -Upcoming Events and Announcements
Solar Cooking Map
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-22.pdf949.31 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 21 - Stove Testing Protocols, Facilities and Standards Development

This issue of the Bulletin covers the topic of Stove Testing Protocols, Facilities and Standards Development. It provides an overview of the history and current status of stove performance testing protocols, highlights regional stove testing facilities, and addresses international efforts in standards development.

Feature Articles:
   -Path to International Stove Performance Standards
   -U.S. EPA Stove Testing
Partner Spotlights
   -Stove Testing Center in Bolivia
   -Improved Stove Certification Center at Zamorano University, Honduras
   -Certification Lab in Peru
Overview of International Protocols and Standards
   -Toward International Consensus
   -National Standards in Nepal
   -Taking Stock of Standards
Global and Organizational Strategies
Progress Since the 2009 Forum
   -Recent Partner Activity
   -Upcoming Events and Announcements
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-21.pdf1.15 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 20 - Household Energy Health Impacts

Health impacts associated with exposure to indoor air pollution include acute respiratory infections (ARI), including pneumonia; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); lung cancer (for users of open coal stoves); cataracts; tuberculosis; asthma; and adverse pregnancy outcomes (stillbirth, low birthweight). Because of these and other serious health impacts associated with household energy use, and the interest in this topic generated at the 4th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum held in Kampala, Uganda in March 2009, this issue of the Bulletin focuses on highlighting recent research findings on some of these serious health impacts.

Household Energy Health Impacts
Feature Articles:
  -IAP and Cardiovascular Impacts
  -Biomass and HIV
  -IAP and Children’s Health
  -IAP and Lung Function Testing
  -CO Emissions and Stove Testing
  -IAP and Visual Impairment
  -Biomass and Burns and Falls
  -ARI Reduction in Pakistan
  -Health Impact Tracking in India
What’s New
Fact Box
Health Impacts QUIZ!
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-20.pdf494.15 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 19 - 2009 PCIA Forum

Some 262 Partners from 35 countries gathered at the 4th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Kampala, Uganda March 23 – 29, 2009 to document results to date, learn from effective programs & activities – celebrate results, review, further develop and affirm strategies for success and commit to organizational and global actions aimed at bold future goals. Bulletin 19 highlights our PCIA Global Community in Action.

2009 PCIA Forum Overview
Daily Forum Highlights
2009 Forum Awards:
  -Global Leadership Awards
  -Special Achievement Awards
  -Lifetime Achievement Award
  -Net Forward Energy Awards
Group Photo!
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-19_revised.pdf1.25 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 18 - Partner Progress since the 2007 PCIA Forum

As a community, we have made amazing progress in reducing exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP) from traditional cooking and heating practices and improving the health, livelihood, and quality of life for millions living in the developing world. The 18th issue of the PCIA Bulletin is focused on Partners' progress since the 2007 Forum in Bangalore.

Are you ready for the Forum?
Test your knowledge!
Hear from Past Award Winners
  − EnterpriseWorks/VITA
  − Solar Cookers International
  − Food and Fuel Consultants
  − Practical Action
  − Asia Regional Cookstove Program
  - Appropriate Rural TechnologyInstitute
  − Alternative Energy Promotion Center
  − GERES Cambodia
  − GTZ-SUN Energy
  − Project Gaia
  − Center for Entrepreneurship in International Health and Development
  − Ugastove
  − Aprovecho Research Center
  − BP, Emerging Consumer Markets Division
Answers to the quiz
Upcoming events
PCIA-BulletinIssue18.pdf1.04 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 17 - PCIA Partner Media Attention

This issue of the PCIA Bulletin is dedicated to reporting on some of the strategies and experiences of PCIA Partners in gaining media attention for the field of household energy, indoor air pollution and health, and their individual programs.

In this issue you will find four spotlight and feature articles on Partner strategies and experiences with the media, research studies of interest under “What’s New,” PCIA-relevant upcoming events, and our official 4th Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum flyer!


PCIA Partner Media Attention
Partner Spotlight:
  -Paper Recycling Skills Project
Feature Articles:
  -BAQ and the Media
  -IDER Media Strategies
  -Approtech Media Exposure
What’s New
2009 PCIA Forum essentials!
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-17-revised.pdf684.57 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 16 - PCIA Partner Impact in Asia

In this issue you will find 9 spotlight and feature articles on Partner results throughout Asia, 3 recent Partner activity updates from the Philippines, India, and Korea, new research and upcoming events under “What’s New” and our fact box highlighting PCIA Partners and events in the region. Please also check out our PCIA Partner Ashden Award winners announcement on page 4!


PCIA Partner Impact in Asia
Partner Spotlight:
   -Environmental and Public Health Org
Feature Articles
   -ARTI Activities in India
   -IAP Assessment in Bangladesh
   -USEPA Awards Scale-up Grants
   -CRT/Nepal Market Development
   -Standards in China
   -TNC-China IAP Impacts
   -China Stove Testing
   -PCIA Builds Partners' Skills
What's New
Fact Box
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-16.pdf869.26 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 15 - PCIA Partner Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean

In this issue you will find six spotlight and feature articles on Partner results throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, a Notes from the Field missive from El Salvador, two recent Partner activity updates from Brazil and El Salvador, regional-focused Resources under “What’s New” and our fact box highlighting PCIA Partners and events in the region. ¡Ahora disponible en español también!


Partner Spotlight:
   -Sun Ovens in Haiti
Notes from the Field:
   -StoveTeamInternational/El Salvador
Feature Articles
   -Centro ECO Inkawasinas in Peru
   -GTZ Energizing Bolivia
   -PCIA Builds Partners Skills
   -USEPA Awards Scale-up Grants
   -CEDESOL scale-up in Bolivia
What's New
Fact Box
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-15.pdf993.57 KB
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-15-espanol.pdf740.97 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 14 - PCIA Partner Impact in Africa

This issue presents just a few of the many important activities and achievements underway by PCIA Partners in Africa. It includes seven spotlight and feature articles on Partner results throughout Africa, two recent Partner activity updates from Senegal and Nigeria, Africa-focused Resources under “What’s New” and our fact box highlighting PCIA Partners and events in Africa.


Partner Spotlight: WODSTA rallies women in Tanzania
Feature Articles:
   -USEPA awards scale up grants
   -Refugees cooking with solar in Chad
   -Progress from ProBEC
   -PCIA builds Partners' skills
   -Biogas for a better life in Africa
   -LP gas for African development
What's New
Fact Box
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-14.pdf3.49 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 13 - Government Incentives

In this issue, you will read about government policies and incentives that support household energy interventions from the perspective of both a governmental agency, via PCIA Partner AEPC/ESAP in Nepal, and a non-governmental organization impacted by such policies; new PCIA Partner International Center for Networking, Ecology, Education and Reintegration (ICNEER).


PCIA -- Focus on Government Incentives
Partner Spotlight: AEPC in Nepal
Feature Articles:
   -ICNEER in India
   -US State Dept. IAP Survey
   -Suggested Government Actions
What's New
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-13.pdf918.53 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 12 - Volunteers

Household energy and indoor air pollution are fields whose urgent importance has captured the devotion of individuals and organizations around the world. Such enthusiasm makes a great gateway for volunteer contribution. Volunteer programs also offer a logical approach to the common challenges of limited financial resources and limited specialized capabilities. Issue 13 explores how PCIA partners have created successful volunteer programs, and how volunteers have made a difference.


PCIA -- Focus on Volunteers
Partner Spotlight: Colorado State University
Feature Articles:
   -Energy Management Center-Kerala
   -University of Dayton ETHOS Program
Notes From the Field: Stewart Craine, Barefoot Power
What's New
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-12.pdf1.58 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 11 - Humanitarian Assistance

In this issue, you will hear from NGOs and international agencies about their commitments to bring cleaner fuels and technologies to people living in the most extreme circumstances— refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other populations in need of humanitarian assistance.


PCIA -- Focus on Humanitarian Assistance
Feature Articles:
   -Developing a coordinated strategy
   -The experience of the UNHCR
   -Solar cooking in Kenya
   -Ethanol stoves in Ethiopia
What's New in Resources
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-11.pdf502.82 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 10 - Technology

This issue features organizations from Tanzania, Pakistan and Brazil which have come to address IAP from different lines of work, but all ultimately seek to improve their technologies to more effectively promote health and quality of life. You will also read about new developments in plant-based fuel stoves, and stoves that generate electricity in addition to cooking heat.


PCIA -- Focus on Technology
Feature Articles:
   -IAP reduction efforts in Tanzania
   -Building and construction improvement program in Pakistan
   -Dissemination of efficient cookstoves in Brazil
Technology Developments:
   -Protos, the plant oil stove
   -Woodstoves generate electricity in Nicaragua and India
What's New in Resources
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-10.pdf1.07 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 9 - Commercialization

Unlike subsidy models, market approaches can be successful on an ongoing and sustainable basis. This issue focuses on Partners' successful models for harnesing market forces to get clean-buring stoves into kitchens throughout the world. Key to these initiatives is understanding customer needs and preferences, and developing products that meet those needs affordably while achieving IAP reduction expectations.


PCIA -- Focus on Commercialization
Partner Spotlight: Grameen Shakti
Feature Articles:
   -Commercialization of household products
   -Green village credit
   -Honduran stove project
   -HotPot commercialization
   -Stove commercialization strategies
   -Nepal's first clean energy bank
What's New
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-9-revised.pdf668.64 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 8 - Education and Outreach

One of the biggest challenges to promoting the adoption of new household energy technologies is the lack of awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution and the availability of appropriate alternatives that meet social and cultural needs. This bulletin focuses on Partner efforts to educate children, utilize members of the community to lead in education and outreach activities, and integrate gender into energy project implementation, planning and policy-making.


PCIA -- A Special Issue on Education and Outreach
Partner Spotlight: ENERGIA
Feature Articles:
   -Place-based education guide
   -Project Gaia IAP education and study
   -China CDC/IEHS school health education
   -Nedwa education activities
What's New
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-8.pdf954.72 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 7 - Monitoring

Key to the success of any household energy project is whether or not the intervention is effective at reducing the exposure of participating family members to indoor smoke. By monitoring indoor air pollution, implementers can gauge the impacts of the technologies and practices being promoted, and use the results to inform ongoing program design and activities to improve the lives of the billions of people using traditional fuels for home cooking and heating. This issue shares experiences from implementing Partners in this arena.


PCIA -- A Special Issue on Monitoring
Partner Spotlight: USAID and Winrock
Feature Articles:
   -Results and Lessons from GIRA
   -Health Effects - UC-Berkeley
   -PCIA IAP Meeting
What's New
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-7.pdf1.76 MB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 6 - Carbon

In response to a significant rise in interest and experience in carbon finance among PCIA partners, this issue shares experiences from several leaders in the arena, including a bit of the science behind household energy and climate change, insights from the first household energy projects to be accepted through CDM and associated challenges, opportunities through alternative mechanisms, and a synthesis of a recent meeting of experts to discuss how to tap into these opportunities.


PCIA -- A Special Issue on Carbon
Partner Spotlight: GTZ
Feature Articles:
   -Cooking and carbon expert workshop
   -Nepal Biogas experience in financing improved household
     cooking technologies through the CDM
   -Stoves and emissions reductions
   -Improving methodologies for using household cookstoves
     under the Clean Development Mechanism
   -Emissions from household energy affect climate
What's New
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-6.pdf300.86 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 5 - A Year in Perspective: 2005 Partner Highlights

This issue, A Year in Perspective, highlights Partner activities in 2005.


PCIA -- A Year in Perspective
Partner Spotlight: Department for International Development, UK
Feature Article: Ventilation in reducing indoor air pollution
   -GVEP partners assembly
   -Ashden awards for sustainable development 2006
   -ETHOS conference 2006
What's New:
   -UN report on renewable energy Spanish and Portugese stoves website
Fact Box: Women's time use in households with and without electricity
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-5.pdf724.24 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 4


-USEPA addresses partnership needs
-Partner Spotlight: Shell Foundation Breathing Space
-Feature Article: Indoor smoke from solid fuels and the Healthy Housing Initiative
-What's new
-Fact box!
PCIA-Bulletin-Issue-4.pdf334.63 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 2


-Partnership meeting in Morocco
-Partner spotlight: PCIA in India
-Fact box!
-Feature Article: Experience with a Rocket Lorena in Uganda
-Partner activity
-What's new
PCIA_Bulletin_Issue_2.pdf279.59 KB

PCIA Bulletin Issue 1


Partner Spotlight: EPA Grantees
Feature Article: PCIA activities in China
   -APHA panel on indoor air pollution India stoves camp
   -India stoves camp
   -Partnership workshop in Morocco: Mar. 2005
Fact Box:
   -Emissions and the energy ladder
   -Comparisons of indoor particle concentrations
What's New:
   -ARECOP's participatory methodology
   -WHO atlas of children's health and environment
   -Design principals for wood-burning stoves
   -UCB particle monitor
PCIA_Bulletin_Issue_1.pdf345.74 KB