PCIA Bulletin Issue 27 - 2011 PCIA Forum

This issue of the PCIA Bulletin covers all the events of the 2011 PCIA Forum held in Lima, Peru February 21-26, 2011. With more than 350 participants from 40 countries, this was our largest Forum to date. The Forum lasted six full days, including a kickoff event showcasing the engagement of the highest levels of the Peruvian government, 65 outstanding presenters, more than 80 informative posters, 31 participant-led open space sessions and a half of day of stove testing.

Below you will also find our special 2011 PCIA Awards Supplement, where you can read interviews with this year's winners. We again offer congratulations to the recipients of the 2011 Global Leadership and Special Achievement Awards.

Monday: Peruvian National Cookstove Day
    - Opening Welcome
    - Exciting New Developments & New Evidence for Action
    - Powerful Results of National Cookstove Programs
    - Responding to Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti
    - Meeting Community Needs
    - Poster Session
    - Exploring Clean Cooking Solutions: LPG, Solar and Biogas
    - Knowing How Your Stove Performs: WBT, CCT and KPT Basics
    - Concurrent Stove Performance Demonstrations
    - Advances in Stove Performance & Fuel Preparation
    - Open Space
Thursday: Field Trips
    - Manufacturing Approaches to Enhance Stove Performance
    - Institutional Stoves
    - Important Aspects of Commercialization
    - Global Action Planning
    - Development of Stove Performance Standards
    - Using Research to Develop Compelling Health Messages
    - Monitoring & Evaluating the Impact or Your Interventions
    - Sharing 2010 Results
    - Understanding the Carbon Market
    - Regional Sessions
    - 2011 Forum Wrap-up
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