PCIA Bulletin Issue 29 - Charcoal and Briquettes

Our 29th issue focuses on the fuel side of the improved stoves equation, with an in depth discussion of charcoal and briquettes. It provides examples of the use of briquettes as a sustainable alternative to charcoal in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and provides insight into the future of charcoal stoves with inputs from leading stove testers and developers. Bulletin 29 also looks at the issue of sustainable charcoal production, and new research and development towards more efficient production methods and sustainable charcoal initiatives. We’d like to thank PCIA Partner Jean Kim Chaix, Director of The Charcoal Project, who served as our guest editor for this edition and provided support and guidance on Bulletin 29’s overall content.

Feature Articles
    Overview: Briquettes Compared to Traditional Fuels
    Partner Experience with Briquettes in:
      Africa (Kenya & Tanzania)
      Asia (Cambodia and Nepal)
      Latin America (Haiti)
Partner Spotlight The Charcoal Project
Conversations with Charcoal Stove Testers & Developers
    US Environmental Protection Agency
    Aprovecho Research Center
    Prakti Design Lab
Sustainable Charcoal Production and R&D
    Improving Traditional Charcoal Production
    Charcoal Production and Livelihoods in India
    Modernizing Production with Cogeneration
    Update on R&D from Colorado State University
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Charcoal Fact Box
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