Cookstove Field Monitoring Technologies: Latest Advances and FAQs

Field monitoring technologies for cookstoves cover a range of diverse monitoring needs from health and climate monitoring to usage and adoption. They can help you better understand your impacts, and adapt and strengthen your strategies to better meet the needs of customers and donors. They’re also valuable tools for growing sector knowledge around field use and impacts. Significant advances have been made since EPA and Winrock first covered the topic in a webinar 3 years ago. This webinar featured Tara Ramanathan from Nexleaf Analytics, Michael Johnson from Berkeley Air Monitoring Group and Dexter Gauntlett from SweetSense Inc, discussing the latest advancements in field monitoring technologies, and some examples and case studies of their use in the field to inform programs and business development. It also included a discussion of Frequently Asked Questions that were solicited from the webinar registrants in advance.

You can view the full recording of the event HERE. Presentation slides and Questions and Answers from the webinar are available in PDF format below.

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