Aprovecho Research Center Spring Stove Workshop

Location: Cottage Grove, Oregon

Cost: $800

Aprovecho Research Center is proud to announce its 2012 Spring Stove Workshop. The workshop will be in-depth but you don’t need to be an engineer to participate. Modeled on our 2011 winter stove workshop designed for U.N. agencies, our approach empowers and informs any individual or group interested in the development and dissemination of clean and efficient cooking technologies.

In four intensive days, the Aprovecho staff will teach design principles for a variety of stoves, heat transfer basics for getting more of the energy of the fire into the pot, testing protocols for better stove development and evaluation, and new stove production techniques.

Much of the seminar will be spent working in small groups led by Aprovecho experts. Space is limited to 30 participants, so please reserve a spot as soon as possible.


Aprovecho Research Center
+1 541 767 0287

April 2, 2012 - April 5, 2012
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