PCIA Webinar: Tiers of Performance Discussion in Preparation for ISO International Workshop Agreement

January 26, 2012

**These events have passed. More information to come.

In preparation for the ISO International Workshop on Clean and Efficient Cookstoves, jointly organized by the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (see ../..//ISO-International-Workshop) PCIA will be holding three webinars in the coming weeks to gather feedback for the proposed voluntary, interim standards document.

Working with the American National Standard Institute, PCIA and the Alliance submitted a proposal to the International Standards Organization (ISO) last fall seeking to hold an “International Workshop” with the goal of developing an International Workshop Agreement (IWA), an interim, voluntary, consensus document. This IWA can be widely used by stove organizations and country governments while we embark on the longer (18 to 36 month) process for development of a full ISO standard. The ISO Technical Management Board unanimously approved the proposal and we have scheduled the International Workshop for February 28 – 29, 2012.

In preparation for this standard development process, we are soliciting input from stakeholders via webinar and on-line on how tiers of performance might be developed, how they would work in practice, and how they might drive innovation in stove performance.

The voluntary, interim cookstove document that we plan to finalize through the IWA will be based on the Lima Consensus “Tiers of Performance.” You can read more on the Lima Consensus in PCIA Bulletin #27 and at http://pciaonline.org/testing/lima-consensus.

The webinars will be held on the following three dates:

Please mark your calendars, and plan to attend only one webinar, as the same information will be covered at each. To register for the webinar, please click (above) on the date/time you plan on attending.