2009 Forum Offers and Requests

Offers and Requests from the Forum

At the 2009 Forum PCIA Partners committed to lead, co-lead, or align with others on a wide range of tasks in support of the Partnership's mission. Browse the list below, and visit the message board to add your own!


  • Lead: PCIA must assist with stove promoters for developing, marketing, innovating, and funding stoves. Next PCIA Forum must be held in a French speaking country. I can lead.
    Moussa Yattara, TISSINA-Sarl; tissinasarl@yahoo.fr
  • Lead: I would like to lead in using Rocket Stove and Rocket Ovens since I have a long experience in using them.
    Kristoms Bakery; simpatros@yahoo.com
  • Lead: Can be focal point for clean indoor air training in Cambodia and neighboring countries.
    Yohanes Iwan Baskoro, GERES Cambodia; country.dir@geres-cambodia.org
  • Add list of testing parameters and tests database; offer to cooperate to establish standards for monitoring
    ECO Ltd, Raffaella; raffaella@ecoharmony.com
  • Lead: Dissemination of improved stove cookstoves
    GTZ, Bangladesh; otto.gomm@gtz.de and khaleq.zaman@gtz.de
  • Lead/Co-lead: SNV can lead/co-lead the formulation of quality standards for biogas stoves
    Prakesh Ghimire, SNV Asia; pghimire@snvworld.org

  • Organizing national/regional workshops on standards
    M. Khalequzzaman, Bangladesh; khaleq.zaman@gtz.de
  • Lead: Lead in Asia to do stove testing and design improvement to set-up benchmarks or Asia ICS/respective country networks
    ARECOP, Christina Aristanti; Christina@arecop.org
  • Lead: Paul Anderson will lead effort for testing of the ‘air-controlled’ gasifier cookstoves.
    Biomass Energy Foundation; psanders@ilstu.edu
  • Lead/Co-lead: Setting the standard for the metal type to be used in stove improvement because this accounts for heat dissipation.
    John Bosco Oribakiriho, Makarere University; jboribakirihokzi@yahoo.co.uk
  • Safe Environment Conservation Management wants to mobilize other stove manufacturers specially institutional stoves to test their stoves in collaboration with other lead organizations like GTZ/PREEEP, John Munyansanga; munyansagaj@gmail.com
  • Lead: offer to lead in Kenya on the three strategic objectives. Familiarizing with testing, establishing standards, educating organizations on the standards.
    Hellen N. Owala, Practical Action, hellen.owala@practicalaction.or.ke
  • GTZ Bolivia offers all the resources (tools, equipment, and knowledge) of our stove testing center at UMSA University in La Paz, for other projects.
    Mariana Butron, GTZ - Energía Bolivia; mariana.butron@gtz.de
  • We are offering to do stove tests for all the stoves we are promoting and share results with PCIA.
    Pamela Mahila, GTZ Kenya Stove Team; a.ingwe@gtzpsda.co.ke, anna.ingwe@gtz.de
  • Offering in-house experience in respect of energy efficiency, technology dissemination, intervention at the household level in developing countries but integrated with carbon funding.
    Elena Custura; elenacustura@gmail.com

  • Lead: Protocol resolution and methods technology committee. I guess I’m leading but we need your support!
    Tami Bond, ETHOS; yark@illinois.edu
  • Establish work within our area of intervention (Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, Belize, India, Thailand)
    Javier Saldivar, Pro Peru; javier@myproworld.org
  • GTZ HERA will financially support to finalize the IAP guidelines from WHO
  • GEO is willing to share all the 15 stove designs to the PCIA partners and provide any support.
    Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, GEO; saibhaskarnakka@gmail.com
  • Lead or co-lead when it comes to stove testing especially with CCT and KPT, setting national standards.
    Habiba Ali, eyiomo23@hotmail.com
  • Lead/Co-lead: Biomass Energy Foundation, via Paul Anderson will lead/co-lead issues of charcoal qualities related to biochar and replacement of charcoal stoves.
    Biomass Energy Foundation; psanders@ilstu.edu


  • Co-lead: My organization offers to partner with PCIA and specifically Aprovecho to establish stove production, testing and improvement center in Kenya.
    Gabriel O. Achayo, gbrl_odhiambo@yahoo.co.uk
  • Co-lead: co-lead with Crispin Pemberton Pigott on stove testing with flue gas emission analyzers.
    Paul Anderson, Biomass Energy Foundation; psanders@ilstu.edu
  • Co-lead/Align: I would like to co-lead and align with developing national standards in Nigeria.
    Adeola I. Eleri, ICEED, Nigeria; adeeleri13@yahoo.com
  • Promotion of improved cookstoves and increasing their access to all! Sharing on criteria needed to follow in order to reach standards.
    James Kakeeto; jkakeeto@gmail.com

  • Co-lead: Co-lead in stove testing in Rwanda with the lead of Ministry of Infrastructure. "mobilisation role".
    CARE Rwanda; PrudenceN.rw@co.care.org

  • Co-Lead: towards standards
    Jorgdieter Anhalt, Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Energias Renováveis; anhalth@ider.org.br
  • Co-lead: Working with other solar promoters to test and agree on standards or protocols
    Marie-Ange Binagwaho, Solar Household Energy; mbinagwaho@she-inc.org and Margaret Owino, Solar Cookers International; maggyapondi@yahoo.com
  • Co-Lead: Offer to co-lead in stove testing activities for other projects in South America (with Aprovecho and PCIA)
    Mariana Butron, GTZ - Energía Bolivia; mariana.butron@gtz.de
  • I would be happy to help set standards. My expertise would be in emissions stands rather than stove cooking performance.
    Philip K. Hopke, Jefferson Science Fellow; hopkepk@state.gov

  • We would like to offer our expertise and infrastructure to help develop stove performance standards for India.
    Priya Karve, ARTI, India; pkarve@arti-india.org


  • Align: would like to align our stove testing and deploying with PCIA’s goals. We have a blank slate with stove strategy now.
    Andrew Dinsmore, TIST; andrewdinsmore@tist.org
  • CEDESOL will vocally support and put into local practice the recognized stove protocols, and commit to publishing or communication results.
    David Whitfield, CEDESO; david@cedesol.org
  • Align: My organization and I would like to align with PCIA and Uganda National Bureau of Standards and the Energy Ministry to come up with a national standard for improved stoves.
    David A. Mukisa, KEAN Development Enterprises Ltd; david_mukisa@yahoo.com
  • Align: Align with organizations promoting clean development mechanisms
    Sserwanga Hadija; sserwangahadija@yahoo.com

  • Align: I’m providing my know-how in stove monitoring (mostly IAP) by providing training sessions to regional groups that may benefit from such trainings.
    Zohir Chowdhury, San Diego State University; zohir.chowdhury@sdsu.edu
  • Align: Offer to align with institutions conducting tests particularly measuring emissions and monitoring and evaluation work.
    Chimwemwe A.P.S. Msukwa, Development Technical Assistance Services; cmsukwa@yahoo.co.uk
  • Align: Align with design improvement and marketing methods.
    Richard Grinnell, HELPS; richardgrinnell@helpsinternational.com
  • Align: Align on global standard by developing a model to understand what stove emissions levels are needed to achieve health-protective air quality
    Dana Charron, Berkeley Air Monitoring; dcharron@berkeleyair.com
  • Align: Align on the 3 strategies
    Francis Songela, Energy for Sustainable Development; francis.songela@esd.co.uk
  • Align: Align with others in the formulation of standards
    Bryan Jumba; EAETDN-Uganda, fbrfans@yahoo.com
  • Align: I offer to align with leaders for setting ‘national standards in India'.
    Laxmi Prakash Semwal, Shri Jagdamba Samiti; shrijas19@gmail.com
  • Align/Co-lead: IAP monitoring
    Atif Sohail, STREET; aatif.sandhu@gmail.com