Welcome to the website of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air. More than 200 partner organizations are contributing their resources and expertise to reduce smoke exposure from cooking and heating practices in households around the world.  This collaborative effort is focused on four essential elements of effective and sustainable household energy and health programs:

  • Meeting the needs of local communities for clean, efficient, affordable and safe cooking and heating options;
  • Improving cooking technologies, fuels and practices for reducing indoor air pollution ;
  • Developing commercial markets for clean and efficient technologies and fuels; and
  • Monitoring and evaluating the health, social, economic and environmental impact of household energy interventions.

Join forces with these organizations and become a partner.

  • 2009 PCIA Forum, March 23 - 28 2009, Kampala, Uganda
  • Join the largest gathering of household energy (HHE) and health leaders as more than 200 practitioners share the latest developments in technologies, fuels, monitoring and evaluation, commercialization, carbon financing, awareness raising, and research; and make new commitments to significantly reduce exposure to indoor air pollution from cooking and heating practices. Help achieve the Millennium Development Goals to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, eradicate poverty, promote gender equality, and ensure environmental sustainability. Visit ../..//2009ForumHome to learn more and register for this exciting global event.

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