Clean Burning Biomass Cookstoves: Advancing R&D on Super Clean Stoves

On May 18, 2016 Winrock International and the U.S. EPA hosted a webinar titled "Clean Burning Biomass Cookstoves: Advancing R&D on Super Clean Stoves ”. Mr. Dean Still and Mr. Sam Bentson from Aprovecho Research Center presented on their newest publication Clean Burning Biomass Cookstoves, which describes work supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The book covers a description of Aprovecho’s design process and testing results (including user-informed design and field testing) of each of the five biomass stoves that were developed, CAD drawings of the stoves, and guidance on how to use key design principles for heat transfer and combustion efficiency to get the cleanest burning stoves possible. During the webinar presenters discussed the results of their research including a discussion on their iterative design process, tips for maximizing heat transfer and combustion efficiency, a description and drawings of each of the five stoves developed, and a discussion of their work validating these stoves with users in the field.

You can view the full recording of the event HERE. Presentation slides and Questions and Answers from the webinar are available in PDF format below.

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