PCIA Podcast: Test Results of Cook Stove Performance with Aprovecho Research Center

On this PCIA podcast, hear from Dean Still and Nordica MacCarty of the Aprovecho Research Center as they discuss the importance of cook stove testing and the newly released PCIA guide titled "Test Results of Cook Stove Performance." The podcast features the speakers discussing why there was a need to develop this compilation of cook stove test results and how the guide will help a practitioner in the field to implement stove performance testing or improve their cook stove program. Also, discover the two to three most important lessons learned from their research that stove manufacturers, distributors and program implementers should know.

Want to learn more about cook stove testing? During the upcoming January 12, 2012, webinar, Dean and Nordica will discuss an overview of the laboratory test method and will share the test results of numerous household cook stoves and fuels, including wood-burning stoves with and without chimneys, wood-burning stoves with electric fans, charcoal stoves, liquid-fuel stoves and a solar cooker.

You can also access the guide on the PCIA Resources page at ../..//resources/test-results-cook-stove-performance