Developmental Association For Renewable Energies (DARE)


To promote the understanding and use of renewable energy resources which we have in abundance and to in this way promote clean indoor air by introducing energy saving stoves with little or no emmisions, thereby mitigating desertification, climate change and promoting a healthier world.

Organization Type Non-Governmental Organization

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Ms. Habiba Ali
Secondary Contact
Mr. Yahaya Ahmed
Address 9 Ahmed Talib Avenue, Behind Critall hope
Kaduna South, Kaduna State
Phone +2348033110130, 2348084424356
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Our Focus

Primary Initiatives, Target Populations, and Scope of Work:

Promotion of the use of solar cookers and introduction of the Save 80 woodstove to the Nigerian Market. We have succesfully got a registered CDM project going on and our target is to ater meeting the required 12500 stove dissemination for the current project get another project registered as a POA so we can scale up and sell stoves aLL aver Nigeria and if possible neighbouring countries.

Fuels/Technologies: Biomass
Sectors of Experience: Agriculture
Carbon Finance
Renewable Energy
Rural Development
Carbon Finance experience
Countries of Operation: Nigeria

Our Experience And Interest In The Four PCIA Central Focus Areas

Social/Cultural barriers to using traditional fuels and stoves:

Adapting to wood replenishment of the stove (Save 80), acceptance of solar cookers, the idea of cooking under the sun is difficult to accept and the people are already enshrined with their own methods of cooking.

Market development for improved cooking technologies:

The market is developing currently in a large way with the subsidy courtesy of the CDM financing this has made the stove sell able and greatly improved sales of the Save 80, we also have a system for instalment payment especially in ruraL AREAS it has also improved sales.

Technology standardization for cooking, heating and ventilation:

The Save 80 wood stoves are made of high quality stainless steel material with a life span of about 10 years, it is of very high standard.

Indoor air pollution exposure and health monitoring:

Our team will always visit the women using these stoves at the pilot sites to ensure their adaptability and ensure its savings. With CDM in the picture now extensive monitoring is beng introduced to track stoves and usage, we have together wih our partners drawn up a CDM maual which guides the monitoring activity.

Relevant Publications or Studies

PDD of the Save project

Our Contribution to the Partnership

DARE being the implementer of the Save80 CDM project has on ground experience what you'll call hands on skills and we can share our experience and ideas with partners willing to undertake similar projects or partners who want to come into Nigeria to carry out IAP combatting activities. We are always ready to assist partners in any way we can.