PCIA Study Tour Opportunity in Guatemala

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) is pleased to announce an exciting new technical capacity-building initiative for Partners serving Latin America and the Caribbean.

Join a 3-day Study Tour in Guatemala led by HELPS International to witness firsthand how they have instituted successful manufacturing, distribution and marketing approaches to scale up their stove program. Since 1984, HELPS International has supported community development throughout Latin America. They have developed a range of stove models that suit the needs of rural populations, reducing wood use by 70% and minimizing exposure to carbon monoxide and particulates. HELPS International promotes local manufacturing, distribution, and social marketing among communities to ensure program sustainability and to best-serve their target population. Since 2001, HELPS has disseminated over 115,000 stoves.

At the end of the Study Tour, participants will be able to:

  • Use test procedures and results to inform and improve stove design.
  • Identify and employ high-quality uniform manufacturing rocesses to support carbon finance.
  • Develop cost saving manufacturing options and thriving supply chains, including transport, distribution and retailers.
  • Apply best practices in the sale and marketing of improved stoves.
  • Demonstrate how stoves meet social and cultural needs.
  • Design effective end user training and maintenance programs.

If you are working in Latin America or the Caribbean, don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to network with and learn scale-up best practices from one of PCIA’s most successful Partners.

To learn more, including full details of criteria and the application process please visit www.pciaonline.org/content/application-pcia-study-tour-lac.