Proyecto Mirador, Honduras Sells 100,000 Carbon Credits and Rolls Out a System of Electronic Data Management

Proyecto Mirador LLC, a non-profit that has built more than 25,000 fuel-efficient cookstoves in the rural highlands of Honduras, announced the sale of its second and third year Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction (VER) credits to climate and development specialist ClimateCare, Europe’s leading voluntary carbon finance organization, as well as the implementation of an electronic system for monitoring stove locations and use by households.

Proyecto Mirador directors Doña Emilia Mendoza and Richard Lawrence said "With this agreement covering the sale of more than 100,000 credits, we have again met our objective of using carbon finance to create a market based solution for the construction of stoves in rural Honduras. Also, the rollout of the sophisticated system for monitoring the use, maintenance and location of each of our Dos por Tres stoves provides the highest standard of proof that the project has extraordinary execution in the field.

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