SNV Cambodian biogas programme celebrates milestone 15,000th biodigester

Since 2005, SNV in Cambodia has worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) to develop a commercially-viable biogas sector.

The National Biogas Program (NBP) in Cambodia celebrated its 15,000th biodigester during a workshop held in Phnom Penh on 15 March, 2012. Experts attending the event discussed the NBP’s progress to date and the development of carbon financing.

Speaking at the event, MAFF Secretary of State H.E. Om Kimsir said, "Lack of access to affordable, clean and modern energy is one of the main barriers to development and security in rural areas. For this reason, MAFF has declared NBP a priority programme.”

In his keynote address, H.E. Om Kimsir recognised the impact biodigesters have on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the importance of carbon financing for the long-term sustainability of the domestic biodigester sector in Cambodia.

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