Asian Regional Cookstove Program (ARECOP)

The ARECOP network is made up of organizations and individuals involved in improved cookstove programs and household energy issues. The network includes 14 countries in the Asia Region. It also acts as a forum for discussions on Improved Cookstove Programs in the region. ARECOP organizes regular workshops on issues such as commercialization; kitchen improvements; and household energy and health. Key themes include improved stoves, household energy, indoor air pollution etc. The website also features: Proceedings of ARECOP regional workshops; household energy activity and contact information on member countries; issues of GLOW magazine and monthly Letters from the Secretariat; links to relevant organizations and publications for household energy and health.

Contact Information:

ARECOP Secretariat
PO. Box 19, Bulaksumur
55281 Indonesia.
Phone: 62-274-885247,
Fax: 62-21-885423