U.S. Clean Energy Initiative (CEI)


The Clean Energy Initiative: Powering Sustainable Development from Village to Metropolis, the initiative seeks to provide millions of people in the developing world with access to affordable, reliable, clean, healthy, and efficient energy services. This U.S.-led, multi-year, initiative has three programs to achieve key goals:

Healthy Homes and Communities is promoting healthier indoor cooking and heating practices and clean transportation fuels (e.g. unleaded gasoline, low sulfur fuels) to reduce the estimated 3 million annual and readily preventable deaths associated with air pollution and unhealthy patterns of energy use. (USG lead: EPA)

The Global Village Energy Partnership is increasing access to modern and affordable energy services in areas either not served or under-served by current energy delivery systems. (USG lead: USAID)

Efficient Energy for Sustainable Development seeks to improve the productivity and efficiency of energy systems, while reducing waste and pollution, saving money, improving reliability through more energy efficient processes and production modernization. (USG lead: DOE)

For more information on these and other sustainable development partnerships, please visit www.sdp.gov.