Webinar: Impacts of Household Fuel Consumption for Biomass Stove Programs in India, Nepal and Peru

On August 11, 2011, PCIA hosted a webinar discussing the results of the EPA-funded Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) training and technical assistance program supporting Partner organizations in India, Nepal and Peru.

Michael Johnson of Berkeley Air Monitoring Group discussed KPT basics, gave an overview of the training and field testing, presented results from each country, and provided ways to use the KPT results to enhance programmatic performance, and key recommendations for strengthening stove performance monitoring. The purpose of this webinar was to:

• Share the methods used and results of the program
• Equip Partners with insights on the value of field testing and how to apply to their own program
• Discuss recommendations for increasing field assessments to better characterize 'real-world' performance
• Motivate Partners to increase testing capacity and report results

For more information you can view a full recording of the event. Slides from the webinar and Questions and Answers are available in pdf format below.

Aug11-Webinar-QandA-document-final.pdf331.85 KB
PCIA_Aug11_Webinar_FieldTestResults_FINAL.pdf2.3 MB