ISO International Workshop on Clean and Efficient Cookstoves

An International Standards Organization (ISO) International Workshop Agreement (IWA) was finalized and unanimously affirmed by more than 90 stakeholders present at the ISO International Workshop on Cookstoves February 28 – 29, 2012 in The Hague, Netherlands. The IWA provides guidance for rating cook stoves on four key performance indicators: fuel use/efficiency, total emissions, indoor emissions, and safety. A draft of the IWA is posted as the last attachment below.

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See below for the full workshop proceedings. All presentations are also linked from the Agenda -- a blue line indicates a presentation link.

ISO-Workshop-Agenda-Final.pdf149.92 KB
1-Heising-HHEpanel-Overview.pdf545.84 KB
2-Bruce-HHEpanel-Health.pdf889.11 KB
3-Bond-HHEpanel-Climate.pdf931.75 KB
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6-Mitchell-Importance-of-Standards.pdf279.81 KB
7-Owen-ANSI-Global-Standardization-Systems.pdf312.19 KB
8-Seitz-Intro-ISO-and-IWA.pdf321.81 KB
9-DeFoort-Building-on-Lima-Consensus.pdf702.77 KB
10-Performance-Measures-web.pdf1.84 MB
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